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  1. WEEK 13 – VOJENS

    April 12, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    basket training!

    I was really looking forward to this week, and it was all worth the wait.
    This week I went to VGIE – Vojens Gymnastik- & Idrætsefterskole for 3 days together with Nele. VGIE is the boarding school I wrote about earlier.

    My adventure started Monday morning, after packing everything I needed, I had to take the bus to Vojens. Timing being my strong suit, I almost missed it. Thank god that I had Nele who asked the bus driver to wait a small minute for me.

    Once in Vojens we had to walk just for a minute to reach our destination. Kim Hahn, one of the responsible teachers for this week, was waiting for us when we arrived and showed us to our room where we could unpack until it was lunchtime. Sad but true, we said that we would eat really healthy while we would be there, alas since it was USA week (everything in style of an American school) the food was USA inspired as well, and our first meal we got was a burger in style of the Superbowl. Delicious, yet terribly heavy on the stomach and we got really tired because of it. It didn’t stop my neighbour to eat FIVE, but then again he skipped the four o’clock snack and dinner later.

    When Kim asked us which activity we wanted to follow in the afternoon we asked for basketball since both of us have played basketball when we were younger. Somehow this got interpreted to “you’re pros” and we ended up teaching 16 students for an entire afternoon. Quite the challenge since I haven’t played it for at least 6 years. Lucky for us, we have a good memory concerning basketball games and techniques for starters and we pulled it off without a scratch.

    Then there was dinner. Since we had the hot dish at lunch it’s a cold one for dinner. So I expected bread with cheese and ham. Which was presented as well, but merely as an alternative for the salad bar presented in the middle of the room. Somehow every time we eat something here it looks like a luxurious buffet in a hotel. With the big difference that everything here is healthy (ok. Not so much for lunch this week, but all the rest was) Another peculiar thing about eating here, you only get 30 minutes from start to finish. It takes some getting used to but is actually pretty fine.

    At 7 o’clock all the students were expected in the big sports hall for a big Cupcake contest.
    I forgot to mention this earlier, but the entire school was divided into 2 “American high schools” : Heats and Nuggets. This week they compete against each other in different disciplines. Show off is Tuesday evening. In the morning the pupils have academic subjects like American History and American Education etc. and in the afternoon sports: basketball, volleyball, rugby, hockey and cheerleading.

    So enough about the concept, let me tell you about the big cupcake contest! In the sports hall there were 2 big plastic sheets taped to the floor, each divided into 16 squares. One sheet for the Nuggets and one for the Heats. Both teams had to select 16 people from their team. Each person was assigned to a square. Each team of 16 was then again divided into groups of four that would work together. All the equipment needed to bake 120 cupcakes was in the centre of the sheets. Equipment was allowed to move, but not the people. So this was a good exercise on communication.
    Once all the dough was ready the cupcakes were put in the oven. Not in a normal way, but by making a human line with the other college/team members. The team that got their cupcakes to the oven first got a bonus point. Now that the cupcakes were in the oven, we had about 20 minutes to fill. And how do we do this better than with an open mic contest? Each team got the opportunity to tell a joke or a story each in turn. As all jokes were told in Danish we didn’t really get any of them, but we were able to tell what kind of jokes they were. In the beginning we had a lot of “what is…” –jokes, later on the dumb blondes jokes started coming and then we had the “Din mor er…” – jokes, translation = “yo momma is …” Both teams seemed to have a lot of comedians, some good, some not so much but all in all they provided us with an entertaining time.

    Now that the cakes were back it was decorating time! Both teams got some time to decorate their cupcakes and make a nice presentation. First one to finish gets bonus points so the students do an extra effort.
    Now le-moment-suprème: TASTING! Although I thought Nuggets made the better cupcakes as well as the prettiest HEAT won this challenge.

    Up to day 2!
    Rise and shine at 7 o’clock because at 7.30 we had breakfast buffet. After that everybody got some time to clean up their rooms and get ready for classes. Today there weren’t any ordinary classes, but classes about America. So we had American History, American Education and we should’ve had American Presidents. But due to the fascination of cars by the teacher we had a class about Ford instead. At the end of each class the students got to do a test. One better than the other. You could tell that both students and teachers were not used to this kind of teaching and evaluating.
    After classes it was time for another round of amazing lunch. Today on the menu: spareribs from heaven. They were deliciously prepared. Nice and tender, it was a long time since I tasted them this good. Needless to say I ate too much.

    In the afternoon Nele and me followed the basketball class. Today we didn’t have to teach because four guys from the Haderslev basket team came and took care of our teams. It was lovely to see how the students were having so much fun playing the games.

    While the students were playing their rugby game as part as one of the homecoming games we were interviewed by the local newspaper. As I am so slow in posting the article was just released this week and is to be read here:

    After the rugby game the students got some time to clean themselves up and then again time for our lovely dinner buffet. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the food is here.
    Now that everybody has filled up their bellies with all these amazing food, it was time for the rest of the homecoming games. The students competed against each other in the different disciplines. The atmosphere was right and everybody was having fun. We are also proud to say that ‘our team’ won their basketgame. After all the games the students got the chance to have a final snack before going to bed.

    We have finally arrived to our third and last day at the Vojens Efterskole. This was also for the students their last day before the lockout.

    After breakfast there was a game in the surroundings of the school. The students had to collect as many codes as possible, each code could be found in a different place. The further you get your code, the more points you get. It was funny to see how some teams really went for it and others took their time for the hunt.

    While the students were collecting their codes, Nele and me helped out preparing the barbeque. And once again it was delicious. The school made sure there were little breads, potato salad, plenty of vegetables and sauces.

    Now it was time to have an overview of the week, or “Let’s take a walk down memory lane” as one of the teachers puts it. We watch a slideshow with a lot of nice moments from during this week. The students have a nice laugh but also realise that it’s almost time to go. When the slideshow is finished the results of the week’s competition is announced. With the miniature difference of 1 point the Heats won! When the students leave the room they get their reward in the shape of a chocolate treat.

    The time has come now to pack their bags because the parents are arriving to pick up their children. Meanwhile in the teachers’ lounge it’s time for a beer and some snacks! It was a drink to celebrate the start of the Easter holiday and a melancholic drink to the soon to be lockout. And while you are reading this, the lockout is a fact. If you want to know what the lockout is all about you can find it here:

  2. WEEK 12

    March 28, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    pupils at Bakkeskolen during their PE.
First roll around in the snow, then hop into the sauna...

    First week of school experience. I was really excited to experience a different way of teaching. The school where I have to go is in Kolding, a pretty town 30 km from Haderslev. Which means that I have to take the bus to get there. No, let me correct that, which means I have to take 2 busses to get there.
    Every morning I have to take the bus at 6.56 am to be in school at 8am. Everybody who knows me just a little bit knows that this can be lethal to me. And it almost was, the first 2 hours we had to follow a Danish lesson for the entire 9th grade (=45students). Not so bad really, but the students are now reading texts in old Danish, which is already quite the challenge for them, imagine how difficult it is for non-Danish speakers.
    In this class were no active methods used which made us press the snooze button one more time.

    Besides just following classes this week, Veronika and me got the opportunity to teach the international class on Thursday. The students had 4 spare hours between two projects and gave some suggestions on what they wanted to do with those hours. So we worked a whole morning around the movie Blood Diamond. After a short introduction to the movie and the context of the movie, we watched the entire movie. As Blood Diamond lasts for 2hours and 20 minutes, we were left with about 35 minutes to do something with the class. First we did the hot chair exercises where one of the students sits on a chair in the middle of the classroom and becomes one of the characters. The other students then have to ask questions to the character. I was really surprised by some of the questions they asked. Surprised in a positive way, I didn’t expect them to be so good. When the students had asked their questions, it was now our turn again. We had everybody return to their seats and had some discussions about the main topics of the movie like child soldiers etc. As a reflection on the topic and the class I gave the entire class two post-its, one green, one pink. On these post-its they had to write something they liked and something they didn’t like about the class. This could vary from something that they saw in the movie, but also one of the activities we did with them.

    Friday we observed how 3 of the international students taught the 7th graders about human trafficking. I was slightly disappointed, it didn’t seem as if they put a lot of effort in the lesson. Their presentation was full of mistakes and sometimes they even gave wrong information. According to Thora the other group was a lot better. It’s important not to forget that they are not going to be teachers. The international students had been working around human rights in different groups and as a finalisation of this project they had to teach about what they found out.

  3. WEEK 11 (11-14/03/2014)

    March 28, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    International Dinner

    This week a lot of international students visited Haderslev for an international week. A few weeks back we helped Lars with brainstorming about what he wanted to do with the international students and he selected some nice things from the list. They found out and were happy. During the week we got the opportunity to help with some of the activities.

    I decided to help out with everything food related. So the Tuesday we had a big international dinner where everybody had to bring a dish from their own country. Since we were with so many Belgians I just decided to make cake and clafoutis. Thursday night was Danish hotdog night, where we learned how to prepare a Danish hotdog. A real Danish hotdog is with mustard, remoulade, ketchup, fried onions, fresh onions, augurksalade and of course a nice hot sausage. Lars prepared the first one for me so he could demonstrate it for the other students. It tasted really nice and made me long for the one and only Bicky Burger when I get back home! Together with Nele we pretty much organised everything for that night. When everybody had finished eating Lars arranged for the Fredagscaféen to be open so the internationals could have a chance to experience this lovely campus café.

    On Monday we watched the movie Freedom Writers. There was a special lecturer who came to teach us about this movie and I thought it was really interesting. We watched the movie in parts, after every part there was some kind of activity to help us reflect about what we saw in the movie. Some examples of the questions we had to answer: “what do you think is the teacher’s problem” “flip the problem around and think about a solution”.

    The Thursday we had a session about active teaching by a woman from Valencia called Laura. Sadly enough I didn’t really learn anything new from this as we already discussed a lot of active methods in KHBO.
    The biggest conclusion was that we learn by doing, so we need to implement this as much as possible when preparing our lessons.

  4. WEEK 10 (4-8/03/2013)

    March 17, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    the girls from the gymnastic class gave us a demonstration of a part of their performance

    WOW we’re already in week 10! Five weeks have passed so far. It doesn’t feel like a long time but when you write it down like that you start to realize how fast everything is going here.

    This week was all about our chosen subject. I chose to follow the English classes. We got to participate in the classes of the third years. In Belgium this would mean you would follow the classes of last years, but in Denmark this actually means that you follow classes with students who have English as their second subject and are therefore now only in their first year. So most of this week was about phonetics! YAY! I was slightly disappointed when I found this out, but in the end it was quite interesting.

    Our first English class was a compulsory writing class. Still not all students present, but it seems to be a habit here. This class was rather boring, because we were not really allowed to do anything. As Erasmus students we were asked to sit with some of the groups and participate in the discussions but we didn’t have to write anything ourselves. In the beginning of the class the teacher recapitulated some things about a previous lesson. She distinguishes 5 different text types: recount, narrative, report, procedure, discussion. And 3 steps in a writing process: the first is planning. What is your purpose, who is your audience, what is the context, content style and what is the scale of formality. Important questions to ask oneself I must admit. The second step is revising. Checking whether the meaning is clear, consistency in genre, clarity of the text, is the text well organised and coherent. The third and last step is editing. Did you make spelling mistakes? Maybe you used some words a lot of times and it’s possible to change some of these so you get some variation. This is also the time to check your grammar and punctuation.

    The other two classes were focussed on phonetics. At first I thought this would be quite boring as I already saw this some years ago, but it was interesting to see how the teacher does it here. She used quite a lot of games, and spend only very little time on the theory part. Maybe just a little bit too little because a lot of the students didn’t get that the Danish ‘æ’ doesn’t sound the same as the phonetic symbol ‘æ’ . The Danish one sounds like a long ‘e’ while the phonetic one is pronounced as a ‘fat e’. The first class we played a game called ‘Syllable soup’. As the teacher forgot the instructions at home, we didn’t play it properly, but we made the best of it  Anyone who is interested in this game, you just need to type “syllable soup game” in Google and you will find it. It comes out of a book from Mark Hancock, just as the next game called ‘Chinese checkers’, and guess what, you can also find it on Google!

    Thursday was a fascinating day, we visited the Vojens Gymnastic Efterskole. This is a kind of boarding school. With the big exception that the students here are here on a voluntary basis. They don’t have to go this school and therefore don’t have to take tests during the year. The Efterskole (directly translated “afterschool”) is a unique Danish independent residential school where students from the ages of 14 to 18 can choose to spend one, two or three years to finish their primary education. Presently some 28.500 students attend one of the app. 260 schools throughout Denmark. The schools are open to students from abroad. Usually the Efterskole offers different “study lines” where a certain sport/performance is being focused upon, such as soccer, golf, dancing, music etc. That particular line offers practice and training of a professional level.

    The Vojens Efterskole is a sports focussed school. The students there can choose between rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, football, badminton and handball. This year there are 171 students staying there. And their main characteristic is that they all love to be there. We met them in their performance weeks. The following weekend they will perform 6 times as one group. We decided to go to their show in Haderslev. It was truly amazing and mindboggling to see them perform. Even though not all of them have tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics as their main subject, they all have to learn this and perform in this branch. During the show there was no telling who has these two as a main subject.
    We saw the show “De Fire Elementer” which means ‘the four elements’ in the following videoclip you can see the trailer.

  5. WEEK 9 (25-28/02/2013)

    March 14, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    Kim, the storytelling guide

    Attempt at blogging at Nele’s house! Because so far, no good. I’ve been a lazy blogger. BAD BAD BAD! Let’s try to do this right and start where I left you last time.

    Week 9: a week with quite a few interesting days. On the first day of the week we had a class on education, called Education at a glance. Here we discussed the artefacts of the Danish education system, this means that we look at the surface of a school, what you can see/hear/feel. Of course we also got some time to look at our own artefacts in Belgium. We had to think of things that are special for Belgium or handled differently in Belgium. We thought we found some, but the question “and is that only in Belgium?” made us doubt quite some times. (the same goes for the other countries though). Sometime soon we’ll have to present this to the Danish teacher-students here. Okay, not so soon, I just looked it up, it’s only April 9th. So more about this when this is done 😉

    The next day we got some time to update our blog or work on our presentations (guess what I chose!). In the afternoon Trine gave us some information about our school experience. She also had us think about what we wanted to observe and experience while we were there and questions we want answered by our mentors over there. I was really excited to visit the school. Luckily for me I will attend Bakkeskolen in Kolding (about 30minutes from Haderslev by bus) and that is exactly the school we visited together with the entire group on Thursday.

    Now let me tell you about Thursday!
    Too early in the morning we took the bus down in Haderslev to Kolding. In Kolding Lars (our teacher) was waiting for us at the bus stop and took us to the next bus stop that eventually would take us to Bakkeskolen. In Bakkeskolen Thora was waiting for us with her international class (10th grade). Just like us they had been working around Amnesty International. So first we got the opportunity to go in little groups and talk about how our own country is violating the human rights. After that we got divided into bigger groups. I was in the group that worked around child soldiers. The assignment for the international students was to make a teaching package about their chosen subject. They were already fully prepared for this, but now it was our task to help them fill in a chart which explains their activities in short and also gives you a time estimate and so on. So a little bit like a lesson plan but just the actions and goals, not what you’re going to say when and where.
    It was really interesting to work with these students and for me it will not be the last time because I am going back to this school in week 12 and 14. Every Thursday I’ll be assisting and observing in their class.
    After this groupwork they showed us their school, from regular classroom, to library and cooking class. The school looks very grey and boring from the outside but once inside it’s an explosion of colour and drawings on all the walls. I love it.

    After lunch we returned to the center of Kolding where we had some free-time before we visited Koldinghus. During that free-time Nele and me went to check out the church and the surrounding area. The church was beautiful but what keeps on pleasing us here in Denmark are all the wool and fabric shops. So lucky us, we stumbled upon another beautiful shop and we just had to enter. We started looking at the wool and our eyes crossed this basket with beautiful sheep wool inside. Nele was sold and bought it, the lady of the shop also helped her out with a patron. She showed us many different patrons but in the end we went for a beautiful sweater. Due to time restrictions we had to return later after the tour, so we left the wool and the patron there and went to Koldinghus. When we returned the lady explained the stich elaborately. She had also prepared a part of the patron by the time we got back, so she could show us properly. Now enough about knitting, because the Koldinghus was actually really interesting!
    Koldinghus was built in the middle of the 13th century, and in the centuries that followed it was one of Denmark’s most important royal castles. In 1808 there was a fire that left the castle in ruins – a romantic relic. Today the castle has been restored and houses a museum which is a centre for cultural activities and special exhibitions of international standing. When we were there they were exhibiting 1001 gifts they have received over the years. This goes from Samurai swords to silverware. All really impressive, but not why we came.
    Our guide for the day was Kim, a man with according to Nele the best job in the world: 3 days in the week he works as a museum guide and tours kids and does interactive tours with them. The other 2 days he is a teacher. Kim showed us some parts of the castle and told us some of the legends that go with it. In the next video we made a quick summary of what we did that day.

  6. WEEK 8 (18-21/02/2013)

    February 27, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    Art class- making our surprise video

    A week of art and storytelling. Tuesday we hit it off with storytelling. It’s getting more and more interesting as we go deeper into the different possibilities for transferring stories to children. Next time we’ll look into literature, so it will become even more interesting for me.

    I will tell you something about what I thought was an interesting approach.
    We worked with a parable (the good Samaritan):
    We worked with a parable as an example on how to work with ethic themes.
    At first you have a short intro to the story. What could it be about?
    Pupils draw what they think happens next in the scene, here we started off with the scene of the man in the desert. What happened to him, what does it look like, is he alone; all this kind of questions. (the result is the best when the pupils don’t know the story)
    When the pupils are finished with their drawing you can tell the whole story
    Discuss the ethic theme (leave/help someone in need) and give perspective (for example: hot chair: a pupil gets into the skin of one of the people in the story and is subjected to an interrogation by the other pupils)
    analyse the text (by making an acrosticon or another kind of short poem)
    We worked from concrete to abstract and from conotation to denotation.

    We also worked with modern tales like Aladin and Hjalmars (a naughty boy) and with ghost stories. At first the story sounded like a ‘broodje-aap’-story but the teacher insured us that it was all true.

    This week was also the first week of Danish classes. Monday we started with our first class in the Sprögskolen. To be entirely fair, the first time was not so interesting, our teacher Hanne was very little interactive and worked straight from her book the entire time. While Wednesday we had another teacher (they will switch each week) who never even looked at the textbook and worked from our input. While we had to struggle to stay awake on Monday, Wednesday went by in a second. It was interesting the complete 2hours long and we all felt like we really learned a lot that lesson.

    This week’s art class was all about new media. We agreed to make a video in different teams. Everybody had the same topic but was allowed to fill it in according to their own preferences. The main topic was ‘cultural differences’ but you could choose how you were going to this in your video. The videos needed to be between 1 and 2 minutes. Doesn’t sound as a lot of time but it proved to be sufficient.
    After we made these videos there was some time to present them in front of the class. Each group briefly explained the video, then we watched it and after that there was opportunity to give feedback.

    We still had one hour left to do something, but as we were all a little bit worn out by the hard work of the day, the teacher let us make a free video. At first we wanted to make a Harlem Shake video, but we decided to leave that idea for what it was and make a cam video. We sent the teacher away for her to drink coffee and make the video ourselves. The idea was to use only 1 flip-camera and pass it on between each other. The result of the video is to be found on Youtube.

  7. WEEK 7 (11-14/02/2013)

    February 27, 2013 by EmmaAnais


    Although everybody has a holiday this week, and I had an offer to go on a road trip to Belgium and the Netherlands (of all places- I know), somebody decided differently for us. That somebody was Lars. One of our main teachers. He quite reasonably argued that it would be silly to give us a holiday of a week while we only started classes two weeks earlier.

    Although not a holiday, this week was a nice week. The entire week we worked around Global Citizenship with Lars, who also gave up his holiday just to be with us.

    A week of holiday while we have school actually means that we can use ALL the classrooms we want, have coffee and tea every time we have a break or also when we’re not having a break. These coffee breaks start with the famous words: “you have five minutes while I go make some coffee and tea for you”.

    We watched the movie “Bahrein- shouting in the dark”. It was a real interesting movie, and shocking to some of my fellow students. This documentary from Aljazeera shows us more about the Arabic Spring Revolution. It’s the prelude to our classes about the violation of the human rights globally. After this film we discussed what shocked us. But Lars also had us look up how our countries are violating the human rights and then had us present these through a WIX. Which led to surprizing information about a lot of countries. Our WIX is unfortunately not available due to a lot of problems with the site and we were not able to save them. But I can show you the pixton we had to make about the Four Generations of Human Rights ( )
    The next day we had another group work where we had a look at the Amnesty International website where you can find some packages for teachers on how to teach Citizenship and Human Rights. Every group selected one of the topics offered and then first we had to make a Pixton (cartoon) explaining what the package is all about. After that we had to make a Go-Animate video discussing the pros and cons about it. Below you can find the links to our work.
    This week we worked with a lot of different online possibilities. We worked with Pixton, Go-Animate, Wix and Glogster to share our findings about the different topics

    Part one of the comic:
    Part two of the comic:

  8. my first two adventurous weeks

    February 11, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    group photo of almost all Erasmussers in Haderslev

    Peculiarities about Denmark and the Danes
    • Address teachers with their first name – always; hugging is allowed
    • Denmark is NOT FLAT. -_- not at all!
    • Bikes work the old way and have no brake on the steer for the back wheel. You push your pedals back the other way again. Dangerous and confusing.
    • Cars are polite towards bikers and pedestrians, but have no conscious regarding speed limits.
    • There’s a buffet in the ‘kantine’. Not very special if you think of it. The difference is that there are no staff controlling you pay for what you take. You just serve yourself and go to the counter to pay. Another peculiarity about the buffet is, that it is lit by beautiful chandeliers.
    • You can have all seasons in one day!
    • They have an activity house here in town. This is situated in the library and consists of some rooms where you can be very creative. There’s a textile and glass workroom. But also a place where you can work with wood and metal. I am in love already!

    Monday 28/01/2013
    Welcome and introduction
    There were special breads prepared for us and cans of coffee and thee. I love it!
    Information about: Web logs, Google docs, blackboard

    Tuesday 29/01/2013
    “Culture- who are we!!”
    “statsforvaltningen Aabenraa” -> person from the government comes to school so we can fix our papers for a social security number in Denmark. Because of this number we will be able to follow Danish classes for free!
    Walk in Haderslev
    Normally we would have had a tour by a “history-geek” but because of illness, his walk was cancelled and Tanja our international coordinator had a walk with us through town.

    Wednesday 30/01/2013
    Language and identity by Karen Aaroe
    First a long introduction to each other where we say our names and she (tries to) pronounce them correctly. In this way the teacher shows us how different some alphabets are but also just the pronunciation of some letter combinations.
    After this we make a colour poem with the language portrait –> make an “Elfchen”
    my passion.
    I love it,
    with my whole heart.
    We are divided into groups to present our Elfchen, but also share our favourite word in our L1 ~mother tongue and in English.

    Thursday: 31/01/2013
    Denmark and the Danes and your country and you
    Speed dating/ presentation: intercultural competence about other cultures inside our group of Erasmus students.
    Speaking and listening -> practice in democracy

    *Presentation about Japan by Kimiko and Satsuki –> very interesting!
    *Lunch break – candlelight buffet- WTF?! 
    *The Danish Education system + prepare for school visit
    Purpose + goal; everything has a goal and a purpose
    collaborative learning/working: read a text and make a definition of a given word.
    *Work on blog

    Friday 01/02/2013
    *School visit: We went to the Realskole in Haderslev. This is a private school. This means that parents help with the funding of the school but also the whole school board here consists of parents. Which I think is pretty special. The principal has to listen to the parents. It’s actually the parents who employed him! Upon arrival we were all divided in teams. Together with Oihane and Leizuri we were team 10. Which means we had to go to grade 10 students (15-16 years old). Little surprise for us, because all the English teachers were ill and we had to take over a part of their lesson without any descent preparation. No, we didn’t have to teach grammar or any of the sorts, but we had to talk about where we come from and what’s special about our country. So very obviously I talked about our marvellous chocolates and beer… and also about the fact that Belgium has 3 official languages. Although the latter didn’t seem to interest them so much. When we were done talking about our country we asked them to teach us some Danish. Somehow they found a lot of fun in teaching us some phrases. Unfortunately I already forgot a lot of these phrases. Hopefully they will come back to me when I start to learn Danish in the Sprogskolen! After this hour of fun we got an explanation from the principal about the school system. We are being spoilt rotten again because here we got the opportunity to taste the most delicious bread bums I have tasted so far in Denmark. They arranged for bags of bread and also a sort of marzipan pie and cheese and chocolate to put on the bread. Also a lot of coffee and thee was available. After this explanation we got some free time where we were allowed to go discover the school and some classrooms. My team and I decided to eat in the ‘lærerværelse’ where there were pots of ice-cream?! We were very curious if this was every lunch break, but it turned out to be for someone’s birthday. At one point when there were a lot of people in the room and they all started to sing a Danish version of ‘Happy Birthday’. It was a ‘kiekevlees-momentje’ because everybody was very much in tune and the melody sounded much nicer than our version. They sounded like a real choir! –total awe-
    Finally we were able to witness another class, this time physics. The teacher made some time to have a talk with us but by doing so forgot about the time. The pupils were only allowed to work on an assignment for 10 minutes, these 10 minutes became 25 minutes.. WOEPS.

    *Fredagscaféen: the campus café where all students can go have a drink on Fridays from 12 to 24h. As I wasn’t feeling so well I took my camera with me and took 200 pictures between 20h and 2h –I know it’s too much but I had fun exploring my new camera 

    Saturday 02/02/2013
    Sleep late, bike around town – beautiful weather. Bike to Dominik’s place (soon to be hour house too) got awfully wrong but made it in the end. Had a good look at the house and then drove back to the city centre where we had a drink in Tribunen (one of the more popular pubs for students). In the evening I cooked for our little gang of Belgians and also Dominik. Later that night I returned to Tribunen because there was going to be a live-concert. The concert itself turned out to be a bit lame, but the company was nice and we played some pool on a pool table that looked like it was half the size it should have been. Extremely difficult if you’re used to the big ones!

    Sunday 3/02/2013
    Sleep all day! I was sick and stayed in bed all day. Lucky me I have good roommates and they cooked for me 🙂

    Tuesday 5/02/2013
    For today we had to prepare a story from our home country. I prepared the story of how we became the Bruges fools. During the class we had some time to share our story with our neighbours. What I thought was the most interesting today was a shoebox way of presenting a story to your pupils. The students who study for kindergarten teacher an primary school teacher were already familiar with this but I wasn’t. For each tale you can make a shoebox. This shoebox is your companion when you tell your tale. The teacher presented us the tale of The princess and the pea. For this tale she decorated her shoebox like a real palace with images from an interior design magazine, but she also had puppets who represented the leading actors in the story and some furniture that was useful for the telling of the tale like a bed, a lot of sheets, a table and stools to put the actors when they were not active. And of course also a little green pea.

    Wednesday 6/02/2013
    Compulsory blogging!

    Thursday 7/02/2013
    First to the Sprogskolen to register for Danish classes! After that I returned to university because we had an appointment with a journalist from the local newspaper. Together with Martin and Akordy we represented the Erasmus students of this year. Mathilde and Jesper, our ESN-representatives were there with us and gave explanation about the ESN-network
    Art Our first class of art, I was really curious what it was going to be like. When our teacher ‘Dore’ told us we were going to work with portraits, I didn’t know what to expect. We had to pair up and draw our partner. The special thing was that it didn’t have to be recognisable. The first time we had to make the sketch in 10 minutes. Not so easy but as it turned out, probably the easiest thing we were going to do that day. Because after that we had to sketch each other another time, but this time we were not allowed to look at our paper. So you start with putting your pencil somewhere on your paper and continue from there without looking. Pretty difficult! The results were very nice!

    Friday 8/02/2013
    *YAY! Another art class!
    Piles of magazines are waiting for us. Today we continue with the portraits we made yesterday. We make a collage on the drawings we made. It’s not the goal to fill the paper entirely with pieces of paper, but just to put some accents on the drawing. I’m not a big fan of the collage technic (read as: I’m not so good at this as..) but I do see how this exercise can really work in a classroom situation.
    The teacher also explained to me that art classes in Denmark are not so much focused on realistic representation of things, but really having the children experiment and use their imagination. This approach makes it more interesting for me to follow these classes because up till now the focus has mostly been on how we can represent reality as closely as possible. We try to be free with imagination but the approach here is on a different level than ours. I’m not yet sure how to explain this to the fullest, but whoever wants to know more about this can always ask me personally or in a reaction on this message 😉

    This Friday was also the Friday where we moved into our new house! YAY! Tanja, our international coordinator from here would come and collect all our things at the hostel and bring them to the new student housing. We tried warning about the quantities of our luggage, but I’m not really sure she got it.. We are 5 girls who came by car… This should have been enough information to bring a bus but alas, Tanja came with her own car, which was luckily not a mini cooper as we feared it would, but a big MPV. Still not big enough for all our stuff so she had to drive twice… Needless to say she was slightly impressed by everything. The new house is really nice and has a good oven (already tested with lasagne) everybody has their own bathroom and a spacious room.

    After we unpacked the majority of our stuff we went to the Fredagscaféen for a relaxing drink and a game of table football.

    Saturday 9/02/2013
    Lazy day, in the evening we went to the house of Veronika, Lisa, Kimiko and Satsuki where we had a drink for a short time (we were late for the games). After our house visit we went to the Tribunen, where we had some more drinks… Some Danish locals taught me how to play ‘bakke’, simply translated as ‘tray’ as this game is played in a tray. It’s a game with a lot of dice, where the person who has no dice left in his hand wins, the loser pays a round of drinks for all players. (I won).

    Sunday 10/02/13
    For today we had big plans: bike to the sea! Aarøsund is a small village 15 kilometres from Haderslev. Rumoured to be very pretty, and it was, very pretty. It also was very cold! Although the sun shone it was -5°C, no problem when you’re moving and biking against the wind and uphill. Big problem when you are standing still and find no place where you can go have a hot chocolate or tea! Fortunately I brought an extra blanket with me in my bag and a thermos filled with hot Earl Grey tea with honey <3 Like a real Erasmus family we shared everything with each other and tried to keep each other warm. One of the tricks to keep us warm was to put on some music and start dancing to it (our feet were freezing!) We probably looked like fools but it helped a bit and that was the most important bit! After this crazy dance we commenced our way back, which went a lot faster and easier than the other way. For dinner Bieke cooked us a delicious Mac&Cheese. Although I’m really tired I am going to force myself to post this blog online! (no I did not write all of this tonight, I kept a nice and good log on my computer but never posted it until now – hopefully) I'm experiencing some difficulties when trying to add photo's so for now, it's going to be this dull text. I hope to get this problem fixed asap! (-> EMIEEEELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Dear brother I need your help)

    I will also try to not postpone posting so much anymore 😉

    Warm regards from icy/snowy Denmark!

  9. incoming telgram from Haderslev:

    January 27, 2013 by EmmaAnais

    room with a view

    Gisteren toegekomen met de auto in Haderslev samen met Nele STOPde andere meisjes al leren kennen STOP kamer een beetje geïnstalleerd STOP al gaan rondrijden in de buurt STOP kort de zee gezien STOP eerste inkopen gedaan in de plaatselijke lidl STOP gisteren gaan eten in Ras2ranten waar je gigantische burgers voor geschoteld krijgt STOP vandaag koken we ons potje zelf STOP nu super moe en bed in want morgen eerste keer naar de unief 😉 FINAL STOP

  10. Living and Learning in Denmark

    December 8, 2012 by EmmaAnais

    Beste vrienden, familieleden, medestudenten en leerkrachten


    Binnenkort  (28januari2013) vertrek ik voor 3 maanden op Erasmus uitwisseling naar Denemarken.
    Daar zal ik studeren aan de campus Haderslev (in het zuiden van Denemarken).
    Voor wie niet kan wachten op m’n verhaal en al wil weten wat ik daar nu precies ga doen, kan alvast op deze link de vakken die ik zal volgen terugvinden met een beetje uitleg 😉

    Voor de mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in mijn once-in-a-lifetime-experience en alles willen volgen, kunnen de komende maanden terecht op deze blog. Hier zal ik niet alleen bloggen over m’n eetervaringen en culturele uitstapjes, maar zal je vooral kunnen lezen over het ongetwijfeld fascinerende onderwijssysteem!

    De eerste voorbereidingen zijn gebeurd: dikke botten (want naar ‘t schijnt is het daar nogal wat kouder en veel sneeuw); 2 vers-gebreide  sjerpen; een gids over Denemarken en Deense gebruiken, een mini-strijkijzer (voor alles een eerste keer)…
    Midden December kom ik te weten waar ik zal verblijven dus dat is ook nog spannend!

    Voorlopig zijn er nog veel vraagtekens over hoe en wat maar ik ben zeker dat die binnenkort allemaal beantwoord zullen worden!

    Ik ben alvast benieuwd!

    Nu eerst nog examens in Brugge en dan vertrekken!


    To be continued


    Hilsener (/groetjes)